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Xenics introduces WILDCAT+ 1280

Leuven, Belgium, 14 October 2022 — Wildcat+ 1280 has been announced today as the new short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera from Xenics. This new product opens the high-resolution era in SWIR for Xenics’ customers.

Xenics is Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared sensors, cameras and customized imaging solutions for the SWIR and long-wave infrared (LWIR) realm.

Wildcat+ 1280 is a SWIR camera dedicated to industrial vision applications with very high-resolution and performance. With Wildcat+ 1280, Xenics is expanding its SWIR camera offering towards industrial implementations such as process monitoring, industrial machine vision and medical. These high-performance cameras also fit scientific uses.

This unique product demonstrates the ability of Xenics to answer needs and to meet demanding requirements in high-resolution for SWIR-related applications.

Xenics to offer high-resolution in SWIR camera for industry
After its best-seller Wildcat 640 SWIR camera, Xenics enhances its industrial offer with Wildcat+ 1280. Customers can now benefit from the easy-to-use and high-performance Wildcat industrial platform together with the high-resolution of SXGA format (1280×1024). Moreover, thanks to a 5 μm pitch sensor, Wildcat+ 1280 is a compact solution both at the camera and optics levels.

When industrial-oriented design meets high-resolution
Xenics has a long track record on SWIR cameras specially designed for industrial applications. Wildcat platform thus proposes interfaces such as CameraLinkTM or a plug-and-play USB3 Vision that makes the camera very easy to use in industrial environments. “Customers always want more features, as the industry is heading towards high-resolution. Our engineering team thus worked hard to propose SXGA resolution but still keeping the simplicity of the Wildcat that makes it very straightforward to integrate”, says Marc Larive, Strategic Marketing Manager at Xenics. Wildcat+ 1280 is thus proposed with CameraLinkTM or USB3 Vision interface and benefits from the Wildcat characteristics such as 2 triggers-in and 2 triggers-out and a highly accurate temperature stabilized FPA that gives the camera very stable performances in demanding environments. Moreover, Wildcat+ 1280 is sensitive from visible to SWIR wavelength (0.4 μm to 1.7 μm): this allows customers to get both visible and SWIR information in only one camera.

With a 120 Hz maximum frame rate and power consumption less than 7 W, Wildcat+ 1280 is the perfect solution for high-resolution SWIR in the industry.

With Wildcat+ 1280, Xenics pushes ahead boundaries while offering the best for industrial applications such as:

Inspection where customers will benefit from high-resolution and vSWIR capability to precisely locate failures,
Laser beam profiling where customers will benefit both from high-resolution and from the very small 5 μm pixel pitch to analyze very small beams,

3D printing where customers will benefit from the high-resolution and the high dynamic range.
Thanks to Wildcat+ 1280, Xenics demonstrates that SWIR is still a good solution to improve machine vision and process monitoring capabilities in the industry.

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