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SingleShot Super Wide FOV Imaging

SingleShot Super Wide FOV Imaging

LMI 3D smart sensors are trusted for automated inspection and are able to combine 3D scanning, measurement and control in a single device with no external PCs or controllers required. We have different type sensor, line scan and snap shot


SingleShot Super Wide FOV Imaging

Greater Throughput with Larger Field of View

The Navitar SingleShot™ Super Wide Field 4K Imaging Lens combines the FOV of a macro lens with the resolution of a microscope objective, providing exceptional images for today’s most demanding industrial and life science applications. 


  • Exceptional 4K image quality
  • Designed for industrial and life science applications
  • Use with large format 4/3″, 1.1″ and 1″ sensors
  • Digital zoom using Pixelink Capture software
  • Compatible with coax, ring light or Kohler illumination
  • Modular fixed imaging system
  • Much larger field of view
  • Resolve ~1.24-3.59 microns

Ideal for high-end wafer inspection, FPD inspection, MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system) inspection, drug discovery and biomedical applications.

Video shows zoom range image quality of 2X configuration with Pixelink’s PL-D7620 high quantum efficiency 20 MP color camera (Sony IMX183 sensor, 2.4 micron pixel). Also compatible with Pixelink’s new 10 GigE PL-X cameras using Sony 4th generation Pregius sensors with 2.74 micron pixels.

Additional Benefits:

  • Achieve a wider field of view to capture more of the sample with each image – enabling faster object detection and increasing throughput
  • Zoom in on a smaller ROI to magnify and highlight features not obvious in the larger ROI
  • Keep a state of live cell behavior in sight for a longer observation time while reducing cell toxicity and photobleaching
  • Increase throughput by eliminating the need to move optics or the stage and waiting for the software to stitch images together.
  • Easily see panoramic image over larger field of view.


Industrial and Life Science Applications

  • Semiconductor defect inspection
  • Flat panel display inspection
  • Industrial inspection
  • Cell imaging
  • Multi-well imaging
  • Microfluidic device imaging
  • Biomedical 3D measurements
  • Fluorescence microscopy


Pixelink Camera Recommendations

  • PL-X9520 – Sony IMX531 (20 MP 1.1″)
  • PL-X9524 – Sony IMX530 (24 MP 1.2″)