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Metaphase Illmination

Metaphase Illmination

For nearly two decades, Metaphase Technologies has been developing products that advance “The Quality of Light” through engineering and manufacture of cutting-edge LED illuminators for machine vision, military, and specialty lighting applications. They boast expertise in engineering flexible lighting solutions for ease of integration into vision systems design.



  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Packaging inspection such as absence & presence of product
  • Workbench illumination
  • Automotive component inspection
  • Coiled steel pin-hole detection
  • Pick & place
  • Sorting facilities /Bar code reading
  • Robotic Inspection
  • Lumiform diffuser with 120° (+/-5%) uniform lighting
  • Built-in constant current driver(s) provides consistent illumination output
  • Continuous and Strobe with power boosting versions available
  • 0-10V & potentiometer intensity control versions available
  • More stable than and outperforms fluorescent tubes by 3x
  • 24VDC version requires no special controllers
  • Features a clamping style tilt bracket to allow easy positioning from 0-180º
  • CE, RoHS compliant
  • Compact robust packaging, no glass
  • Wavelength available: UV, Visible, IR, RGB, RGBIR, Multi-Spectral
  • The ISO2 (Exolight2) builds upon the world-renowned, groundbreaking technology of the original Exolight Series (ISO). The ISO2 has a high-impact durable moulded diffuser that results in an appearance similar to a fluorescent tube but has all the advantages of an LED front and backlight.
  • With its 120° spread of uniform illumination, the ISO2 is an ideal candidate for the most sensitive area scan applications, as a front light, backlight, and some line scan applications. Consult us for IP rated versions as well as options that include polarizer, quick disconnect and more.

We Offer our lights with many different driver configurations to make the lights compatible with the latest LED controllers and Vision Cameras. This provides greater flexibility, control, and convenience when integrating Metaphase illumination systems. Some drivers may not be compatible with all sizes due to current requirements etc.

• 24v – Our most popular configuration for use with a standard 24v constant voltage power supply
• ULC-2 – Compatible – For use with constant current controllers such as our ULC-2 Universal Controller
• ILS – Configured for Strobing applications with Power Boost for increased Intensity for Rising and Falling Edge Triggers
• Keyence – Compatibility with Keyence Light controllers such as the Keyence CA-DC21E
• Baumer – Compatibility with Baumer VeriSens Cameras
• Cognex – Compatibility with Cognex Cameras


Power Source: 24VDC +/-5%
Cable (Standard): 10-foot cable with flying leads
Housing: Black Anodized Aluminum
Ambient Temp: -20°C to 40°C
Lifetime Expectancy: 75,000 hours (except UV)

IP (Ingress Protection) Rated
Please contact Metaphase or your local representative for information regarding IP rated versions of this light for harsh environments (water, dust, etc).
Common Wavelength Combination (but not limited to):

RGB + IR (850)
White + IR (850)
White + UV
SWIR + White

Available Wavelengths


  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Fill levels of transparent and nontransparent/opaque containers
  • Medical product inspection such as a vial and intravenous bags (IV)
  • Prevent shipments of dried out product such as packaged food
  • Water management and monitoring: Monitor plant moisture to prevent under and over watering
  • Inspection of embedded electronics and circuits
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Absence and Presence of oil 7 lubricants: Failed gasket detection such as Automotive and on machining oil
  • Thickness and void detection on clear coats and films
  • Anti-counterfeiting inspection
  • Surveillance, Security, Broader control
  • Wafer and Solar cell inspection
  • Liquid Identification
  • Glass Inspection
  • Fruit Bruising
  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Robotic Inspection
SWIR Area Backlights:
​Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR), typically defined as wavelengths in the range of 900nm to 2,500nm, is now offered in the Metaphase Backlight. SWIR technology provides the necessary contrast to illuminate test objects that are visible and ultraviolet light cannot provide. The SWIR Backlight is a high performance and uniform light source for silhouetting and transmissive applications. Using a full array LED layout, we can pack more LEDs per square inch to provide greater intensity, uniformity and performance.

Lumiform diffuser with 120° (+/-5%)
• Full-array, high-power surface mount LED layout
• Exclusive optical lens provides high uniformity, shadow-free backlight illumination
• Thermal management design draws heat directly from the die ensuring long life
• Available in a limited amount of standard sizes but can be custom designed per order
• Optional Constant Current Driver with 0 – 10VDC intensity control, compatible with DDC-3 and ILD-35-24-L

*Please contact your Metaphase representative for possible higher intensity versions.


  • Power Source: 24VDC +/-5%
  • Cable (Standard): 10-foot cable with flying leads
  • Housing: Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Ambient Temp: -20°C to 40°C
  • LED Layout: Full Array


Hyperspectral LED Illumination System
  • Metaphase has another machine vision first, Hyperspectral broad band LED illumination! Finally break away from the typical hyperspectral Halogen light source with its high temperature and high-power consumption.
  • Metaphase Hyperspectral 400nm-NIR and Broadband SWIR illumination (1000-1700nm) provides the ideal match to your favorite Hyperspectral camera. Don’t need the full spectrum? Metaphase can tailor the light sources to match the camera’s spectral response and specific application requirements.
Hyperspectral Camera Examples:
  • Specim
  • Resonon
  • Photonfocus
  • Ximea
  • Color Chemical Analysis
  • Sorting
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Machine Vision & Automation
  • Robotic Inspection


Chart Updated on 12/15/2017
Camera Examples

  • Specim
  • Resonon

SnapShot Line Scan HSI Spectral Curves

Camera Examples

  • Photon Focus
  • Ximea

SnapShot Mosaic/Tile Area Scan HSI Spectral Curves


Camera Examples

  • Photon Focus
  • Ximea