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Small & fast hyperspectral cameras and specifically designed for industrial machine vision. FX10 is covering 900um-1,700um VNIR camera.

Industry Applications:

Small & fast hyperspectral cameras and specifically designed for industrial machine vision.

Spectral Range 2.7 - 5.3 μm 3
Weight 7 kg 4
Storage temperature -20 ... +50 oC 3
Spectral sampling/pixel 8.44 nm Without binning
Spectral resolution (FWHM) 35 nm
Spectral Bands 154 With default binning
Spatial samples 640
Sensor material 38 ̊
Camera Interface InSb
ROI Freely selectable multiple bands of interest Minimum height of ROI is two 1-binned rows. Maximum frame rate is determined by total number of rows between first row of first mROI and last row of last mROI – not the total number of rows included in the mMROI’s.
Relative humidity 5% – 95% (non-condensing)
Read-out modes IWR / ITR
Power input 24 V DC
Power consumption Max 90 W, Typical 40 W During simultaneous cool-down of optics and detector
Pixel operability Number of operable pixels >99.7%, Allowed clusters: Size 4-8 pixels: <= 12, Size 9-12 pixels: 2, Size 13-19 pixels: 1
Optics temperature TEC-stabilized Default is 20 degrees Celsius
Optics magnification 0.5
Operating temperature +5 ... +40 oC
Numerical aperture 2
Maximum frame rate 380 fps Full image with default binning
Integrated cooler Stirling (MTTF 25 000 h)
Image corrections Non uniformity correction, Bad pixel replacement, Automatic Image Enhancement (AIE (AIE, One point NUC, AIE: Unified spectral calibration + corrected smile and keystone aberrations
Full well capacity 5.1 Me
Fore lens options OLEM43, OLEM23, OLEM17
Field of view 24 deg, 45 deg, 60 deg
Effective slit width 104 μm At fore lens image plane
Effective slit length 19.2 mm At fore lens image plane
Effective pixel size 30 μm At fore lens image plane
Dynamic Range 1600:1 with 1.5 ms exposure time Usable dynamic range / noise
Dimensions 280 x 202 x 169 mm Mounting surface option on three sides. Mounting kit adds 24 mm distance on mounting side.
Connectors Aux - 0306423 (09-0428-90-08) binder 8pin, Power - 0306627 (LF10WBR-4P) hirosen 4pin, Trigger in
Camera digital data GigE Vision, Custom ethernet
Camera control protocols GenICam, JSON-RPC
Bit depth 16
Binning 1,2,4 spectral and spatial