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AGV control software

AGV control software

Navitec is Natural Feature Navigation (NFN) type AGV system.


Navithor fleet control

Navithor fleet control is the link between the production planning and the AGV fleet. It ensures connectivity to any AGV in the fleet from everywhere in the factory through PC clients or WEB services for pads and phones.

The fleet control connects to the factory system via a MES interface, reacting to WMS transportation requests, operator commands given from work stations or on-board AGV displays, signals from distributed factory controls and requests generated by the AGVs themselves.

Its’ primary task is to achieve an optimal traffic flow, monitoring and safety as well as best task management and execution traceability.

Different production types are served by a palette of functionalities like picklists, stop and hold, load and unload, wait, door, charge and virtual activation tags.

Navitrol navigation

Navitrol navigation is a versatile package that can be parameterized for many applications, from complex interactive fleet navigation to simpler stand-alone systems and a basic positioning-only service. The level of functionality depends on the customers’ needs.

All common vehicle kinematics are supported in the navigation; differential, steer, omnidirectional and mecanum AGVs can all be controlled directly to the motor controllers without any kinematics PLC in between.

The natural feature based positioning can utilize most common safety scanners or dedicated measurement scanners. Reflectors are automatically utilized in addition if detected in the environment.

Building a map for navigation is fast due to an easy teaching process and highly automated map building tools. Routes and action points are drawn into the map with the same tool, so the whole production can be planned at once.

Special purpose sensors are easy to add for local precision positioning, target detection, line following and alike.