LMI: The Smartest All-In-One 3D Sensors for Superior Road Safety

Paving the Way to Superior Road Quality and Safety

LMI Technologies designs and supplies high- performance, non-contact, all-in-one 3D scanning and inspection solutions for an array of applications essential to the road industry — including high-density surface profiling, roughness measurement, rut inspection and more. 




All-in-One 3D Scanning Solution for Road Surface Inspection


The primary goal of 3D road inspection is to provide engineers with detailed, accurate profiles of pavement surface textures at highway speed. This is a critical quality control process because rough, uneven pavement increases mechanical wear on vehicles, decreases pavement lifetime, reduces safety for motorists and results in higher maintenance costs. All-in-One 3D Smart Sensors for Road Inspection Gocator’s ease-of-integration into existing profiling systems, seamless communication with other system devices such as PCs and accelerometers, and reliable delivery of high-speed, high-density 3D profile measurements at highway speed (with zero data loss), make it the ideal solution for scientifically establishing pavement maintenance schedules and monitoring long-term performance for road design improvement studies.