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LMI Gocator to PLC Communication

In machine vision applications, other than the image processing (inspection and measurement), we will also need to communicate with external devices to form a complete solution. In actual production environment, most of the machines are using PLC for handling and controlling. The good news is, Gocator is supporting for different protocol and can easily communicate with different brands of PLC.

One of the protocols that is supported by Gocator is Ethernet/IP protocol. Ethernet/IP is an industrial protocol that allows bidirectional data transfer with PLC. This protocol can be used to communicate with Allen-Bradley PLC which is dominant in North America. By using this protocol, user can align and run the Gocator sensor, switching the job files, receive the sensor states and measurement results as well as set and retrieve the runtime variable. Gocator supports implicit messaging (or I/O) and explicit messaging (with TCP). User will only need to download the EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) file from Gocator and add to the PLC to start communication.

Another protocol that is supported by Gocator is Profinet protocol. Profinet protocol is used by Siemens PLC that is dominant in Europe. Similar to Ethernet/IP protocol, user can also send and receive the signal and data between Gocator and PLC. User will need to download the GSD (General Station Description) file from Gocator and add to the PLC to start communication. However, there is one limitation by using Profinet protocol, where Profinet communication is not supported by GoMax hardware accelerator and not supported on computer-based application, which include SDK, Emulator and Accelerator.

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Video credit: LMI – Gocator to PLC Communication

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