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LINX Singapore Attained CSA Cybersecurity Certification – Cyber Trust (Practitioner) mark

Singapore – LINX Singapore has received Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) Cybersecurity Certification Cyber Trust (Practitioner) mark 2023. This is an inaugural award for the organisation in the Southeast Asia region.

To achieve the certification, LINX Singapore Pte Ltd used the Cyber Trust mark risk assessment framework to identify a suitable cybersecurity preparedness tier and engaged a certification body appointed by CSA for the certification. The Cyber Trust mark is a testament of the organisation‘s robust cybersecurity practices and measures that align with their cybersecurity risk profile.

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, LINX Singapore rapidly digitized its business operations and invested in an agency with relevant expertise and resources to manage and protect the organisation‘s IT infrastructure and systems. Momentum Z, a leading cybersecurity consulting and compliance company for SMEs and multinational corporations, was appointed to tailor appropriate solutions and train employees on cybersecurity awareness and prevention against cyber threats and attacks. With their assistance in the application with CSA, LINX Singapore managed to be certified for Cyber Trust Practitioner (Tier 2).

As an industry-leader in the distribution of the world’s most advanced machine vision and automation products, LINX Singapore understood the importance of practicing good cybersecurity measures in our regional offices, including Malaysia and Thailand. The practice extends assurance and protection to both our suppliers, vendors and customers against cyber-attacks. With Cyber Trust certification mark, it strengthens the confidence and reliability with our partners.

” I hope that more Singapore companies can come on-board and with the leadership of CSA, we can establish a cybersecurity corridor emanating from Singapore and into the region. This can attract overseas companies to do more business with us in the digital domain.” Henry Chia, Managing Director, LINX Singapore.

LINX Southeast Asia upholds the integrity in protecting its customers data and is the leading organisation to attain CSA Cybersecurity certification in the industry to establish a cyber-safe environment. The organisation continues to strive in providing the partners and customers the trust, committment and assurance to be the distributor of choice in the region.

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