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LINX Corporation Established Overseas Subsidiaries in Thailand and Taiwan

LINX Corporation

Established Overseas Subsidiaries in Thailand and Taiwan

Together with its Existing Subsidiary in Singapore,

LINX will Accelerate its Business in the Asian MarketLINX will start providing its IIoT products across Asia –

December 1, 2019- LINX Corporation (LINX, located in Tokyo, CEO Kei Murakami), a technology-oriented trading company and industry leader in the distribution of advanced products and solutions in Industrial IoT (IIoT), acquired ASP Vision (Bangkok, Thailand) in August 2019, and NOWA TECHNOLOGY (Taipei, Taiwan) in September 2019. Together with LINX Singapore, these three overseas subsidiaries (group companies) will drive the expansion of LINX’s business in Asian markets.  

ASP Vision of Thailand was established in 2017 as a specialized provider of machine vision. It provides image processing related products, mainly products of Basler, to companies in the electrical, electronic, and auto industries. NOWA TECHNOLOGY in Taiwan sells machine vision and other products to companies in the semiconductor and FPD-related sectors and has been steadily growing its business since 1990.

LINX established its first overseas subsidiary in Singapore in 2017. Since then, its overseas business has been growing steadily, providing machine vision and other products to local companies, mainly in the semiconductor and electrical and electronics sectors. With the goal of further expanding its business in Asia, including Thailand and Taiwan, LINX decided to acquire the two companies. LINX believes that both companies have strong track records and excellent technical expertise. Working with LINX Singapore, and taking advantage of both the experience of LINX as well as the human resources LINX has in Japan, LINX is going to expand and improve their services to its customers in Asia.

The new subsidiaries will become fully operational by the end of 2019 as LINX Taiwan and LINX Thailand. Japanese experts will be dispatched to the new companies to maximize the synergies among group companies and promote business in Asia.

About LINX

Founded in 1990, LINX is a technology-oriented trading company with the vision to contribute to the improvement of social life through the latest technologies and high-quality services. Since the company was established, LINX has accurately captured the moment of technological innovation in the field of control, image processing and retrofitting that take place in the global market and is providing the latest technologies, products and services to its customers in Japan.

About LINX Thailand 

Originally established in 2017 as ASP Vision, it provides image processing-related products including industrial cameras and lenses, 3D sensors, frame grabbers, lasers and LED’s in Thailand. WJ Machine Vision、 its former parent company, is the leading provider of machine vision products. LINX acquired ASP Vision on August 18, 2019, and it started the business as LINX Thailand on October 18, 2019.

About LINX Taiwan 

Originally established in 1990 as NOWA TECHNOLOGY, it sells image processing-related products including industrial cameras and lenses, 3D sensors, frame grabbers, lasers and LED in Taiwan and China. NOWA TECHNOLOGY keeps providing the best solutions to its customers and has become one of the leading providers specialized in machine vision. It was acquired by LINX on 16th September 2019 and is scheduled to start to operate as LINX Taiwan from the end of 2019.

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