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The Benefit of having a Machine Vision System

What is Machine Vision System?

Machine vision is the application of digital sensors (wrapped in cameras with dedicated optics) that allow a computer to look at images, live or recorded and figure out what’s in them.

This has certainly jump start the Industrial 4.0, which means robots are able to do more than just repetitive tasks and able to take on a wider range of applications.

The physical structure of a Machine Vision System integrates image capture and processing systems (computer software and hardware) with digital input/output devices (cameras) and computer networks (to save and share the image data) to drive real-time quality control systems, learning how to tell shapes from shadows and to look for defects based on an image of how an object is supposed to look.

There are four main incentives for this investment:

Human Weaknesses:Nothing fabricated beats human vision for versatility, but other human weaknesses limit their productivity in a manufacturing environment. Boredom, distraction, fatigue, and sometimes even malice can degrade human performance in vision-related factory tasks such as inspection
Increase in production yield:Machine Vision System can reduce labour costs, increase production yields, and eliminate costly errors associated with incomplete or incorrect assembly, which increase the percentage of produced products that are judged as good-enough to be sold.
 Improved and more even product quality:With Machine Vision System, your products will go through a more accurate inspections resulting in greater productivity and improved customer satisfaction, raising your Company’s brand reliability to your customers.
Increase in production speed:Machine Vision System can help automatically identify and correct manufacturing problems on-line by forming part of the factory control network. The net result is greater productivity and improved customer satisfaction through the consistent delivery of quality products

If you are interested to take the leap into the Industrial 4.0, please kindly contact us to see how our Company’s Machine Vision products can help you to advance your Company to the next level in productivity. 

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