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It’s the FINAL call for great savings to kickoff 2023!

It’s the FINAL CALL!!!Your last STRIKE to KICKOFF the new year with savings!!!
Grab the latest MERLIC 5.2 or HALCON 22.11 at 25% OFF NOW! Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy savings and achieve your productivity goals for 2023! Let us help you to tackle your problems and recommend suitable solutions with MVTec’s smart and sophisticated machine vision software. 


A heatmap gives an indication of which areas of an image were decisive for the result of the deep learning model’s classification. This can shed more light into the black box of deep learning, thereby increasing the traceability of corresponding processes. Guided Grad-CAM is a new method that now provides even more precise clues as to which regions of the image are relevant for the decision made by the deep learning network. For example, misclassifications can be investigated more precisely in a post-processing step. 


MVTec expands the licensing possibilities by adding the option to license HALCON via a network. A license server allows the use of floating licenses. Here, developers share a predefined number of licenses using a network connection. Customers benefit from cost savings due to multi-usage and greater flexibility in user allocation, developers enjoy greater independence and flexibility regarding their work location. Especially for distributed or remotely working development teams, this is the perfect way to effectively make use of HALCON’s powerful machine vision algorithms. Besides this, the new mechanism enables users to work in virtualized environments without permanent physical host ID.

NEW VERSION HALCON 22.11 STEADY AND 22.11 PROGRESS: HALCON Steady: 25% Discount on all SDK products. HALCON Progress: 25 extra weeks on all SDK products new contracts, for the first subscription period.  NEW VERSION MERLIC 5.2: 25% Discount on all MERLIC 5 products.  *Orders must be submitted by 15th Dec 2022 to qualify for the offer.
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