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Introducing Victorem 262G41-CX camera!

IO Industries Inc. announces the new VictoremTM 262G41-CX camera based on GPixel’s new GMAX0505 CMOS 26.2MP global shutter CMOS image sensor. This model offers a new level of performance in a mini-CoaXPress industrial video camera, at a surprisingly low price.

With a maximum image resolution of 5120 x 5120, this model has the highest resolution in the VictoremTM family. The camera’s dual CXP-6 interface delivers a maximum frame rate of 41fps at full resolution.

The GMAX0505 sensor is designed with the world’s smallest 2.5μm charge domain global shutter pixel, offering the highest resolution square imaging format possible within a 1.1″ optical size. Using the latest light-pipe technology, more than 65% peak QE is achieved, and with optimized tungsten light-shielding applied to the memory node, the sensor’s shutter efficiency is more than 80dB. Low noise of <3e- allows for a dynamic range of >65dB.

The Victorem™ CoaXPress series is a broad range of compact industrial video cameras featuring high-performance CMOS image sensors. The small size of the Victorem cameras, used with compact C-mount optics, enables high-resolution imaging within a smaller footprint, as well as lower weight and lower power consumption.

The VictoremTM 262G41-CX supports single or dual-link CoaXPress video output for high-speed video transmission at up to 12.5Gbps. High-resolution video can be rapidly sent to real-time image processing systems or uncompressed video recorders such as the DVR Express® Core 2 series from IO Industries. Low-cost and flexible coaxial video cabling is used with long cable lengths possible (up to 40m for full-speed applications, over 100m in reduced-speed cases). A single coaxial cable can, in addition to transmitting video from the camera, supply power and synchronization triggers and allow configuration of all camera parameters.

Highlights of the VictoremTM 262G41-CX camera include:

  • 1.1″ format CMOS sensor w. 5120 x 5120 resolution
  •  2.5µm square pixels with charge domain global shutter technology
  • Up to 41 fps output at full resolution with 8/10/12-bit format
  •  Monochrome and colour models available
  • CoaXPress 1.1 video interface with single/dual –link configurations up to 2x 6.25Gbps
  • C-mount or optional Active EF-mount with remote focus and iris control
  • Compact size: 33.0 x 44.0 x 53.7 mm (WxHxD), 140g (without lens
  • Fanless design with <4W power consumption


Camera Model262G41-CX
SensorGpixel GMAX0505
Sensor Size (HxV) 5120 x 5120
Max Frame Rate(8/10/12-bit)41/35/28
Max. Single-LinkFrame Rate22/17 /14
Optical Format(Diagonal) 1.1″ (18.1mm)
Shutter TypeGlobal
Pixel Size2.5 x 2.5μm
Dynamic Range 65.8 dB
SNRmax 36.5 dB
Multiple ROIUp to 8
Exposure ControlTrigger width, timed, or auto-exposure control

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