Designed to make your life easier – Zenon SCADA System

Zenon SCADA System 

Future factories will be operated by “software”


  • In the future, factories will be operated not by hardware but by software. The flexibility of software-driven factories leads to a tremendous improvement in production efficiency and reduce TCO dramatically.


  • In order to realize it, Zenon, highly integrated SCADA system, is very effective. It is the same concept as IPC which provides functionalities with software, not like PLC which is provided only by hardware to meet requirements.


Infrastructure for “Safety” as a global standard


  • Safety requirement is getting more important especially in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. In accordance with this trend, regulation will become more strict and companies are asked to keep various pieces of evidence of production.


  • Production data for traceability becomes more important. This trend is so different than before, just focusing on manufacturing. Highly integrated solution “Zenon” provides an optimal solution for this kind of requirement. IPC, who has an advantage in data handling is “best match” in this aspect.


Applicable to various industries


1) Automotive

  • Alarm Management
  • Engineering Automation
  • EMS
  • Smart Automotive Factory
  • Custom Application


2) Pharmaceutical

  • Data Integrity
  • Paper on glass
  • Recipe management
  • Batch Control
  • Operation management
  • Custom Application


3) Food & Beverage

  • Line Management
  • Brewing
  • Utility Management
  • Energy Data Management
  • Quality Management
  • Custom Application


4) Energy Industry

  • Substation Automation
  • Distribution Management
  • Hydroelectric Power
  • Energy Storage
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation
  • Custom Application


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