Southeast Asia’s Cutting Edge Technology Provider in Machine Vision, Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0

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LINX Singapore is the leading Machine Vision distributor in Southeast Asia, with a strong coverage in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. We provide the best-in-class machine vision components such as industrial cameras and lenses, accompanied by cutting edge vision inspection software and systems.

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LINX Group

LINX Japan is the biggest Machine Vision distributor in Japan with an extensive 27 years of experience in the distribution business. LINX Japan brings cutting edge technologies and excellent products to the demanding Japanese market from all over the world. With its strong technical expertise and extensive customer network, the company has grown to an organization of more than 100 employees. Armed with a global vision, the LINX group ventures out of Japan to create the same success by bringing great technology and expertise to customers in Asia.

In March 2017, LINX Singapore was setup to be the Southeast Asian subsidiary under the LINX group. It would oversee the expansion of sales activities in the booming S.E.A. mark et of emerging economies. With Singapore as the S.E.A. base, a network of offices and partners would be setup to serve the fast-growing market. Led by a Machine Vision veteran of 15 years, LINX Singapore is well-equipped with the business resources and technical expertise in machine vision and automation to better enhance services for its customers. Building on the growing strength of the automation and manufacturing industries in ASEAN, LINX Singapore establishes its strong presence in the ASEAN region.

With such a footprint, LINX Singapore has become one of the largest imaging technology providers in S.E.A.. LINX Singapore is more than just a distributor of components – we believe in providing the best value and cutting edge solutions through keeping up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and establishing robust partnership agreements with both our valued customers and suppliers. Firmly believing that cutting edge technology will change and create new business opportunities, LINX Singapore will continually source and introduce new products and services to Southeast Asia from all over the world. With the support of the LINX group, LINX Singapore will explore more opportunities to fulfill this business objective.

Corporate Name
LINX Corporation

Business Information
Japan’s biggest machine vision distributor and expanding in Asia

Year Founded

Kei Murakami

Corporate Name
LINX Singapore Pte Ltd

Business Information
Leading distributor of advanced machine vision and automation products in Southeast Asia

Year Founded

Managing Director
Henry Chia

Corporate Name
LINX Corporation (Penang Division)

Business Information
Subsidiary of LINX Singapore; incorporated to serve the Malaysian market

Year Founded

Managing Director
Henry Chia


Kei Murakami

As the CEO of LINX Group, Mr. Kei Murakami has strong visions of growth f or LINX Group into S.E.A. region. LINX has been an expert and industry-leader in the distribution of the world’s most advanced machine vision, and automation products into the Japanese market for more than 20 years.

One of LINX’s core strengths is that they distribute only the very best, world-class machine vision products from various partners worldwide, selecting products that are only from industry leaders

Henry Chia

As the Managing Director and Head of Southeast Asia Sales Division, Mr. Henry Chia is constantly exploring new ways of forging strong and long-standing relationships with both partners and clients. Having been in the industry for more than 15 years, Henry possess a deep knowledge of the S.E.A. market and is acutely aware of where are the next areas of growth in the Machine Vision Industry. With his extensive experience, he understands the various intricacies and diff erences within the heterogeneous S.E.A. market and identify opportunities for LINX Singapore.

Previously appointed as a Sales Director for the past 12 years, Henry has already achieved great success in sales and forged robust supplier and customer relationships. Now, together with LINX Group, Henry is well equipped with the critical resources to diversify the current customer base deeper and open new markets in S.E.A..

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