3D Sensors

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What are 3D Sensors Good For?

Whether in medical sciences, manufacturing, automotive, or food packaging, 3D sensors can add precise 3D machine vision to your production capabilities and help you inspect in real-time. From meeting relevant stability requirements to calculating the right size, shape, and volume for goods and products, 3D sensors will help you guarantee accurate assembly at every stage in the production process, provide corrective feedback when necessary, and deliver product integrity.

Why Use 3D Sensors?

Fast-track your inspection processes by integrating object recognition into your existing camera capabilities. Our 3D sensors can precisely measure the distance, contour, and depth of moving products on conveyor lines, allowing you to build a 3D depth map in conjunction with a conventional camera and perform quality checks. Moreover, our 3D sensors combine 3D scanning, measurement, and control in a single device with no external PCs or controllers required, resulting in low-cost implementation.

How to Use 3D Sensors in the Production Process?

Our portfolio of 3D sensors combine blue-LED structured light technology with built-in 3D measurement tools for specific object features. Unlike lasers that are used to scan moving objects, our snapshot sensors use a single snapshot scan to inspect targets with stop/stop motion. Ideal for fitting into small objects or mounting on robots, these 3D sensors combine the projection of a light pattern with a conventional camera to create a 3D study of the object surface and measure products with geometric precision.

Products / Brands

LMI Technologies

Series Resolution Scan Data points/
Interface Field of
Gocator 3500 Series 6.7 - 7.1 µm 6 Hz GigE 30 x 45 mm 87 mm 25 mm
Gocator 2500 Series 17 µm 1.6 to 10 kHz 1920 Gigabit Ethernet 32.5 mm 47.5 mm 25 mm
Gocator 2512 8 µm 2.4 - 10 kHz 1920 GigE 14.5 mm 17 mm 6 mm
Gocator 2100 Series 750 µm 170 Hz to 5000 Hz 640 Gigabit Ethernet 1260 mm 400 mm 800 mm
Gocator 2300 Series 375 µm 170 Hz to 5000 Hz 1280 Gigabit Ethernet 1260 mm 400 mm 800 mm
Gocator 2400 Series 130 µm 340 Hz, up to 5 kHz 1500 Gigabit Ethernet 194 mm 183 mm 210 mm
Gocator 2800 Series 375 µm 380-2500 Hz 1280 Gigabit Ethernet 1260 mm 350 mm 800 mm

Industry Applications

We combine 3D sensors, digital imaging hardware, and vision software to provide automated inspections. For better quality control, explore our range of industry-specific machine vision solutions.



Food &

Solar Panel


Wafer Inspection


Adhesive and Sealant