TF series

Lenses specially designed to ensure the optimum performance of high performance 3-CCD/CMOS cameras


3-CCD/CMOS cameras are equipped with three image sensors, one each for blue, red and green—three of the colors separated by a prism.

A thicker glass block than that used in a single CCD/CMOS camera is arranged between the lens and the sensor. When the same lenses as those for single CCD/CMOS cameras are used for 3-CCD/CMOS cameras, the camera performance may not be fully achieved due to the optical effect of color separation within the camera.

That is why special lenses are needed for 3-CCD/CMOS cameras.

Main features

Compatible with 1/3″ image sensors

for SD resolution with 6.7μm pixel pitch


Ultra compact, lightweight and robust design


Metal mount with high durability and accuracy (C-mount)


Manual iris

Locking screws for fixing the focus and iris are supplied as standard equipment.


Made in Japan


Flexible mechanical design with Full HD high resolution (TF4XA-1)

– for High resolution with 2.9μm pixel pitch
– for medical and broadcast applications as well as machine vision application
– three anti-drop locking screws on both iris and focus burrels
– gears on both iris and focus burrels for remote control
– two filter threads for both inside filter and outside filter