Spectral Sensors

SPM64 – Developer kit for the ESPROS-Viavi Multispectral Sensor
ESPROS Photonics Corp (EPC) and Viavi Optical Security and Performance Products (OSP) have collaborated to provide customers with a development kit for a family of novel, high performance spectral sensors and imagers currently in early market test and development. The kit includes the spectral sensor, various illumination sources, a computer interface, and user software to control the sensor and collect data.
Two versions of the kit are available:
  • VIS – Broadband visible: 400 – 900 nm, 64 channels
  • NIR – Silicon-NIR: 775 – 1075 nm, 64 channels
The kit is intended for customers interested in developing applications for multispectral sensing, or customers who want to evaluate this new sensor technology for applications they have already developed on other platforms.