Say Hello To Specim IQ! Hyperspectral Goes Mobile

Finally a real possibility to take your hyperspectral measurements and analysis to the real world!


Endless Application Possibilities

Specim IQ opens up plenty of new possibilites for hyperspectral imaging, both in the existing as well as in totally new application fields! See below what our pilot customers have done with the device and how they are going to apply it in the future.



Tech Spec

Spectral cameraVNIR 400-1000 nm (CMOS)
Viewfinder camera5 Mpix
User interface SWBy Specim
StorageSD card max 32 GB
Data FormatSpecim Dataset with ENVI compatible data files
Battery5200 mAh Li-Ion (Type 26650)
Operational timeAppx. 100 measurements with one SD card and battery
Display & keyboard4.3 ” touch screen + 13 physical buttons
Camera interfaceUSB Type-C
Size207 x 91 x 74 mm (depth with lens 125,5 mm)
Weight1.3 kg
Wavelength band400-1000 nm
Spectral resolution FWHM7 nm
Spatial Sampling512 pix
Spectral bands204
Peak SNR> 400:1
Object distance150 – ∞ mm
FOV31 x 31 deg
FOV at 1 m0.55 x 0.55 m
Temperature, operational+0°C – +40°C
Humidity, operational95% non-condensing





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