Sherlock Vision System Software

The choice among integrators

Sherlock is an advanced machine vision software interface that can be applied to a wide variety of automated inspection applications. It offers maximum design flexibility and provides a rich suite of proven tools and capabilities that have been deployed in thousands of installations worldwide. With a keen eye for detail, our inspector will help you:


  • Improve customer satisfaction by detecting defects early in the manufacturing cycle
  • Increase productivity through automated 24/7 operation
  • Reduce production costs by improving yield and redeploying skilled inspectors to other priority tasks


New Shape Extraction Feature

Combines multi-directional lighting with advanced software algorithms to eliminate surface background effects, such as noise or colour, and produce an output image focused on the features most relevant to the inspection. This output image can then be inspected using standard Sherlock vision tools.


Powerful Development Interface

  • Graphical point and click program construction enables rapid prototyping
  • Moveable and resizable windows offer optimal developer layout
  • Versatile Region Of Interest options for processing flexibility
  • Monitor and reporting windows provide immediate status feedback
  • Instruction toolbars allow quick access to program functions
  • Built-in editing and debug tools


Camera Flexibility

  • Full support for Teledyne DALSA analogue and digital (CameraLink) frame grabbers
  • Compatible with both Area and Line scan cameras with mono and/or colour format imagers
  • Directly connects to Firewire, GigE and USB cameras
  • Allows mixing of imager type, resolution and interface in the same application
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous triggering


Robust Tools & Communication

  • Extensive image preprocessors and advanced calibration for image correction and measurement translation
  • Standard tools include: Search (pattern finding), ID readers, character readers (OCR), measurement and counting tools, contour tools, laser profiling tools (3D), texture and colour classifiers
  • Provides capabilities for custom inline and background scripting
  • Supports a variety of communication methods (I/O, serial, Ethernet/IP) and protocols for factory integration