Schneider Kreuznach – Macro Lens

  • Makro-Symmar, Micro-Symmar and Apo-Componon lenses are designed for industrial machine vision applications and satisfy even the most stringent requirements of next generation 12k line scan applications.


  • Identification of the best azimuth and application in reverse position means that they can be deployed in a customer-oriented way.


  • The different lens versions of Makro-Symmar, Micro-Symmar and Apo-Componon cover practically all industrial application areas with the specially defined and optimized imaging areas.



V38 – Line Scan Lenses

Very high optical image quality in the large sensor range

  • Vibration-insensitive for stable optical performance
  • Reverse position of the lens possible to enlarge the magnification range
  • Lockable distance and aperture settings
  • 100 % quality control guarantees reliability and constant¬†quality
  • Low maintenance requirements, therefore high system¬†availability


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Large Format

Robust mechanics for rough industrial environment

  • 43.2 mm image circle
  • for up to 29 MP sensors
  • Constant MTF over the entire image field
  • Focus and iris setting lockable


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