Linea ML

Performance and Value

The Linea ML brings leading-edge CMOS technology that is faster than ever, with affordable multiline architecture that enables the newest, most powerful inspection techniques including HDR, color and multispectral analysis, and multi-field imaging (single-pass bright/darkfield). With a native fiber optic interface for easy, low-cost long cabling, the Linea ML opens new horizons in inspection.


Expand your vision capabilities

The Linea ML was thoughtfully designed to enable economical variations in functionality, like HDR, and multiple spectral bands—color, colour plus mono, colour plus NIR, and multi-field. 

Maximum line rate is 300 kHz aggregate: 300 kHz in mono, 3 x 100 kHz in RGB, or 4 x 75 kHz in RGB+NIR. 


CLHS Native Fiber Interface

The Linea ML gives you better sensitivity, lower noise, and higher line rates up to 300 kHz via a CLHS interface. Linea ML is our first camera with native fiber optic connectors, which lets you take advantage of low-cost fiber for long cables and immunity to electrical interference.





Linea ML Color 8k Fiber 100/300 kHz
Linea ML Color + NIR 8k Fiber 75/300 kHz
Linea ML Color 16k 100/300 kHz