Kowa FA lenses have been used for applications in various industries such as the automotive, logistics, pharmaceutical and food industries. They perform tasks such as defect detection, surface inspection and shape & dimensional inspection.

The lens is a component in an image processing system consisting of camera, lighting and software. In this system, the lens is the first component that captures the image. Therefore, it is particularly important that the lens is matched to the overall system, in particular to the camera. If the lens does not fit the camera, the advantages of the camera cannot be fully displayed.

Kowa has one of the largest product ranges in the market to offer a precise lens for every image processing system. With its wide selection of multi-megapixel C-mount lenses, 3CCD lenses, large-format F-mount lenses and telecentric lenses, Kowa can cover almost any application of image processing.

Kowa industrial lenses are specifically designed for use in industrial environments. They guarantee maximum durability and reliability, even during continuous operation, high temperatures and vibrations.

Lenses of the -V and -WP series are ruggedized, i.e. they are particularly suitable for applications where the lens is exposed to strong vibrations or shocks.

All glass elements in the lens are glued and therefore offer a much higher stability compared to non-glued lenses.