High Speed Cables

As equipment becomes increasingly small and sophisticated, electric wires and processed products are required to be finer, faster, and have more accurate electrical characteristics. To meet the diverse needs of this age, the HIRAKAWA HEWTECH Group develops and offers products of superior performance such as a high flexibility and high heat/cold resistance, taking into consideration the various usage environments of customers.

Further, in order to supply power cords that meet the diverse requirements of countries throughout the world besides Japan, they systematically obtain safety standard certifications both in Japan and overseas and they are praised for the high quality and high reliability of our products. As electronic devices become increasingly digital, we also offer a range of anti-EMI (electromagnetic interference) products designed for the regulations of each country.

In recent years, they have also been filling the various requirements of customers through original equipment, manufacturing methods, and technology, providing for example high-frequency-transmission coaxial cables with world-class specifications for use in the medical and other fields, super-fine coaxial cables for use in endoscopes, a product category for which many different conditions must be cleared, high-precision cables with an external diameter on the order of a few microns, and molding technologies such as branch connection molding (cable insert molding, hot melt low-pressure molding, etc.).


Super-fine coaxial cables

We answer the needs for higher performance and compact design for medical precision equipment by manufacturing and cable-end processing world-class ultra-thin coaxial cables (0.16 mm class) (comparison with 0.3 mm mechanical pencil shown in bottom right photograph).


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Board-in cables

These are cables that are processed for board mounting using original connection technology and molding. Board-in cables boast superb transfer characteristics and are environmentally friendly through lead-free fabrication.






Our wire harness products are widely used as internal wiring and inter-machine wiring for multimedia-related industrial equipment (cellular phone base stations, financial terminals, etc.).



Digital interface cables

Electrical and electronic equipment that uses digital signals has greatly increased in recent years. We offer a full lineup of interface cables that support digital signals, including a large range of industry-approved products.


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Infiniband cables

Infiniband cables are used in achieve ultra-fast communication for connections between servers, storage devices, etc., in conformity with next-generation network standards for data communications.



Factory Automation Cables

This section lists FA cables specializing in connecting industrial machineries          including robot and machine tools. Select from high flex cables for use inside machinery, flex cables for outside machinery and fixed wiring cables for peripheral wiring. FA CABLES Factory Automation Cables.


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LCD cables

These cables, which are used mainly to connect the display of a notebook computer with that of the notebook computer’s main board, boast an excellent flexibility and compact design. They are used to transfer digital video signals.



Power cords

HIRAKAWA HEWTECH offers a broad lineup of flexible cords, power cords, and power supply parts for each country, as well as EMI shielding products for the various national EMI standards.



Broadcasting cables

Originally developed jointly with NHK in 1970, these cables fill diversified needs for digital broadcasting. We offer a variety of broadcasting cables such as optical camera cables, as well as the HC-4E6 microphone cord, which has become an industry standard.