HF-12M series

FUJINON HF-12M series is the world’s smallest 12Megapixel lens with 2.1μm pixel pitch performance.
All models are designed for “4DHR”, Anti Shock & Vibration, and low-distortion.

Main features

1) Minimizing degradation of resolution even when the shooting distance or aperture is changed


General machine vision camera lenses exhibit problematic degradation of resolution when the shooting distance or aperture is changed. FUJINON HF-12M features high performance “4D HR” to minimize such degradation.

It maintains a highly consistent image sharpness from the centre to the edges, while mitigating degradation of resolution caused by changes in the shooting distance or aperture. This enables consistent delivery of high-resolution images under a wide variety of installation and shooting conditions.



2) Anti-shock & vibration design

【Compliant with IEC60068-2-6】

・Vibration frequency of 10-60Hz (amplitude of  0.75mm), 60-500Hz (acceleration of 100m/S2)

・Sweep frequency of 50 cycles

Our unique mechanical design* realizes anti-shock and vibration performance compatible with various installation environments.


3) Super high resolution 2.1 μm

When the iris (aperture) is set at the orange F4 marker on the lens barrel, the HF-12M series delivers the resolving power greater than 2.1µm pixel pitch on a 2/3-inch sensor (equivalent to 12 megapixels)
*1:At the working distance of 50cm

Orange-coloured F4 marker on the lens barrel


4) Low distortion



High-precision aspherical glass moulded lens enables downsizing and low distortion.


5) Compact design

In the pursuit of easy installation and high reliability, the diameter of all five models is only 33mm despite being high-resolution lenses. This allows installation flexibility even in manufacturing facilities with space constraints. FUJINON HF-12M series also comes with three locking holes each for the iris and focus. They are located on the lens barrels, allowing you to select the optimum holes for your needs.