COBRA™ Slim LED Line Light

Compact LED illuminator, extremely bright and modular design


COBRA Slim LED Line Light utilizes the latest in Chip-on-Board LED technology to deliver extreme brightness and excellent uniformity in any wavelength. This powerful LED illuminator is ideally suited to the requirements of high-speed line scan and web inspection.



Key Features:

  • Slim and compact design
  • Available in any length up to 5m
  • Wavelengths from 365 – 1500nm
  • Extreme brightness, and uniformity due to higher chip density
  • Field Adjustable lens and diffuser
  • Integrated Driver and Control Software
  • Automatic protection, overdriven strobing and external control modes
  • Optimized for maximum lifetime


Key Applications:

  • Solar Cell inspection
  • Foil, Paper and Plastic film inspection
  • PCB inspection
  • Glass inspection
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • Flat Panel Display inspection


Crystal Clear Line Scan Images

COBRA Slim’s compact design is modular and is available in any length up to 5 meters. This extremely bright and uniform LED Line Light can be further optimized in the field for specific applications through its unique field adjustable lens allowing you to select the optimum intensity and line width for your application.



COBRA™ Slim is available in wavelengths from 365 – 1500nm . The new COBRA RGB and COBRA MultiSpec take full advantage of COBRA Slim’s Chip-on-Board LED array, incorporating up to 12 individual wavelengths in a single unit.


Strobing & Ethernet Control

COBRA Slim is offerred with an optional strobing function delivering up to 5 times the intensity. Ethernet control is also available as an option.